Senderi Steals Show In Rusizi

Senderi Steals How In Rusizi

They went fully armed and firing on all cylinders to draw as much support as they could from their fans. Yes, the first road show of Primus Guma Guma Super Star finally kicked off in Rusizi, Western Province where all eleven contestants had a chance to showcase what they are made of. From the songbird Knowless to newcomers like Mico The Best, artists tried to impress their fans but it was Senderi International Hit who, undoubtedly, was the shining star of the day.

The writings were on the wall all along. Way before he made it to stage, placards bearing his name were all over: from young children to old, they all showed their unwavering support for the star, who has quickly become a household name. Senderi’s fame cannot be disputed whatsoever. His songs, easy to dance and sing along, have suddenly hit the airwaves of almost radio station in the country, and he has already started sending fears down the spines of his competitors.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the next road show in Nyamagabe, Southern Province and the majority of the contestants have acknowledged to have learnt from the first road show. Speaking to, one of them said, “It was the first road show, and for me it was the first time to be included in the competition. I have learnt a lot and hopefully during the next road show I will improve a lot.”

Primus Guma Guma Super Star is a competition organized by Bralirwa in collaboration with East African Promoters. It brings together already established musicians who compete in different road shows, both live and playback, with the winner going home with a cash prize of 26m Rwf. The third edition will also see the other four contestants also rewarded with prizes ranging from 3.5m to 1m Rwf.

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