Rusizi: Teachers urged to strive for better academic results

Teachers urged to strive for better academic results

While in two day training in Rusizi district, teachers and heads of education from different schools were reminded that they should avoid unnecessary mistakes at work that could affect their teachings to students and education in the country.

The main error noted here was teachers who do not want to teach but spend most of their time seated which affects students’ performance in the end.

This again affects the school performance especially when counting students in a school, since most teachers register failed students as new ones to hide their mistakes.

This is mainly done to students in senior five and one, where best students are promoted so they can do the National Examination, and the rest left behind to hid teachers’ mistakes.

This is why therefore the Ministry of Education stood up against such so that students could get better education, and equally.

“You should always meet your responsibilities as teachers and always register students like presented to you, which will help prevent such mistakes in education”, said Erneste Rutungisha from the Ministry.

He advised teachers to do their job well so they can increase on the number of students that perform well.

Jean Pierre Nteziyaremye in charge of education in the district also advised teachers to take care of the students they have, giving them proper education, which will cub the mistakes present in the education ministry now.

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